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Baja Mini Bike Brakes

The Baja Mini bike brakes are top-of-the-heap addition to your bike! With our rear brake caliper with pads, you can enjoy your ride with plenty of control and facile checkout, the Baja Mini bike is practical for individuals on the go or for trails away from your home ready first try.

Baja Warrior Mini Bike Brakes

This is a left-clutch-brake-lever for a coleman t200 u Mini bike, which means it should work with these models too, if not, there is a product link included for more information. The Baja mini-bike brakes are designed to adequate for heavier bikes, they are made of durable materials that will or leaves the bike. Plus, the mini-bike's you means that you brake before an event, the mini-bike brakes are also- for use on descents up to of the bike's height. The Mini Baja bike is a top-grade way for folks wanting for a fun bike that can handle, the bike presents an easy-to-use brakes and is facile to operate because of the just the Mini bike lever. This bike is top-of-the-heap for folks who wish to enjoy their bike- ride and enjoy the journey at a fraction of the cost of traditional bike riding, this Mini bike gives a rear with pads. It is in good condition with some use, the caliper is mustered off of this Mini bike by someone who had it done. The braking system is likewise in good condition, there is some surface damage but it is isolated and only minor. The bike is lightweight and the dimensions are 33 inch width x 20 inch length x 9 inch thickness, the dimensions for a modern bike are 9 inches wide x thickness at the bottom of the frame (inclusive) is 6 inches. This Mini bike is 8 inches wide x thickness at the bottom of the frame (inclusive) is 10 inches, the brakes are light and smooth to use. The brakes are also tight to use, the Mini bike is in like manner a top-notch bike for racing.